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Bridge the American Schism

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Keynote Fundraising & Outreach Speaker

Looking for someone to speak at your next fundraising event? Book Seth to give his popular keynote speech, “Bridging the American Schism.”

This keynote contrasts historical episodes of progress and inspires audience members to engage, learn, and act so they can heal our nation’s divide and embark on a more productive path. It also offers ample opportunity to integrate your organization’s material.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand how the fundamental Enlightenment framework has fueled a blossoming of human prosperity and is now greatly threatened.
  • Explore how history can act as a salve for our present wounds based on a particular formula for success.
  • Discover key structural and mindset changes needed to move forward—and how to implement them.
  • Learn how to claim your voice so we can hand democracy to the next generation.

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Bridging the American Schism Workshop

Organizations looking to help members learn how to have fact-based, logical discussions around politics will find Seth’s workshop "Bridging the American Schism" incredibly helpful. This workshop show how participants can:

  • Historical Studies

    Examine periods of American history where reasoned debate and compromise has fueled a blossoming of human prosperity.
  • Engaging Conversations

    Learn how to facilitate rational conversations with others who share a different point of view.
  • Mindset Changes

    Discover key structural and mindset changes needed to move forward—and how to implement them.
  • Debate Strategies

    Engage in Q&A-style conversations that model effective debate strategies.

Podcast & Radio Guest

Looking for a dynamic, experienced, and entertaining guest for your next podcast episode? Seth has been featured on many podcasts, radio shows, and TV segments and would love to share his insights with your audience.

Bulk Copies of American Schism Available

Organizations planning to use the frameworks included in American Schism as a training tool for their members are eligible for a discount if ordering in bulk.